I hate to admit it, but I totally get Snapchat

I’ve been thinking a lot about Snapchat lately. I just got an Iphone 5, and have begun messing around with Snapchat. My friends have raved about how fun Snapchat is for several months but I’ve resisted, mostly due to the “creepiness” factor.

My Snapchat Inbox

My Snapchat Inbox

After using the app, I have quickly reversed my opinion of it. Today, online presences are tightly curated (facebook, twitter, instagram). We only want to show the world things that reflect well upon us. This inhibition is quite limiting when it comes to social interaction. As there are countless horror stories with inappropriate texts or emails going viral, I share many peoples nerves when employing digital communication tools. They are permanent. That’s exactly what makes Snapchat beautiful. Because no communication on Snapchat is permanent, it allows for much fuller expression.


Yes, Snapchat is used for sexting. However, it’s potential as an impermanent communication tool is vast. It allows users to express themselves freely, unafraid of the now commonplace repercussions for rash decision online.


Snapchat recently raised over $20 million in venture funding. I’m excited to see what’s next.